Proper nutrition is needed for everyone and it is significant especially for the growing kids and teens. Nowadays, most of the teenagers all over the world have unbalanced diet because of which they are becoming unhealthier, unfit and lose weight drastically. Food habits and fitness schedules are very important in case of a growing child because a teenager is more affected towards change in surrounding because which their interests fluctuate and so does their health. It is better to manage their weight well and make them follow a strict diet plan in order to make them stay fit and restore their health. There are few health mistakes that a child must avoid in order to stay healthy always:

  1. Stay away from junk foods: Junk foods and snacks are the root of any health issue that takes place in the life of any teenager. It contains oil, sugar and sweetened flavors that are not at all healthy for teens. It contains processed and refrigerated items that has lost all its nutrients and are only popular because of its taste. Teenagers feed on junk foods almost regularly. It contains high salt, higher fat content, high sugar, low fiber, low or negligible nutrients because of which teenagers are prone to many health issues like heart attack and liver problems even at a tender age. Junk food must not be stopped as children like them a lot but they must be reduced for sure.


  1. Modify the recipe: teenagers are kids at heart. They often get attracted to colorful and tasty recipes. If you have a child at home, you must present them with unique recipes with conventional foods added with few changes that make it tempting. You can also use leftovers rice or other vegetables in sandwich, pudding or fried chips and make the teenagers go for them all by their heart. You can also make few changes in your cooking style to ensure their health. Try to cut amount of sugary drinks like cold drinks that contains high amount of carbohydrates. Sugar free should also be avoided as it can work negatively and affect bones and dental health. Add normal sugar. Try lemon juices, lime or orange flavor for better taste.


  1. Fruit up: Always make sure that the teenagers start their day with a fruit in their breakfast. If they do not like fruit, make fresh fruit juices by adding two or more types of fruits in them. This will give them a fresh start for their day and will also boost energy in them. It will prevent dehydration in kids; make their mental health improve as well as enhance their health. Make sure your child does not miss his breakfast as it is the most important meal of a day.


  1. Ensure proper sleep: Insufficient sleep is the root of many health problems and loss of appetite in your kid. Make sure he does not stress out on anything like studies and other stuff that are common in teenagers. This makes health suffer.